Men’s fashion

How to choose a men’s winter coat?

Choosing a men’s winter coat is no easy task. Often expensive, it is an investment in time, so don’t make any mistakes when buying. There are many things to consider when choosing your winter coat: style, material, cut and colour….

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Men’s shoes: how to choose?

As you all know, wearing shoes is not something you leave to chance. A dress code that is essential to understand if you want to be well seen and considered in society. Don’t panic, we are certainly not going to…

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Activewear and athleticism: discovering a trend

The sportswear style is really making its mark this year. It has become a must-have for the growing number of health-conscious consumers. Lifestyles are changing and so are the outfits. This fashion is illustrated by a healthy body in fitness…

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Streetwear style: good for all ages?

However, the way you dress reflects your personality. Most people choose clothes because they like them. But you should know that each style has a story associated with it. This is the case with streetwear, for example. But can everyone…

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Fashion: back to workwear style

Nowadays, working clothes are freer than ever: it all depends on the flexibility of the working environment. Because the idea of work is also moving from the rigidity of the company to the entrepreneurial spirit, the corporate dress code is…

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Men’s fashion trend: the Hawaiian shirt

A man with a shirt has more charm than many others. But everyone has their own style. Hearing “the word stylish” always leads to the trend. But is one Hawaiian shirt more trendy than another? Hawaiian shirt : Quèsaco The…

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