Activewear and athleticism: discovering a trend

The sportswear style is really making its mark this year. It has become a must-have for the growing number of health-conscious consumers. Lifestyles are changing and so are the outfits. This fashion is illustrated by a healthy body in fitness clothing. It's all about mixing streetwear and gymwear to show that style and comfort are compatible.

Have a sporty look to be in the spirit of the times

People are more concerned about achieving a balanced lifestyle. Habits change very quickly. This in different areas such as food, wellness, sport and also fashion. All these are inevitably linked. The trend towards activewear and athleticism means a healthy body and wearing fitness clothing at the same time. In order to better adhere to people's new daily lifestyle, ready-to-wear brands offer urban, functional, comfortable, creative and colourful pieces with a sporty look. To be in the loop, you need a sporty silhouette.

Urban, airy and practical looks

Activewear and athletic fashion is characterised by a comfortable urban clothing style through its sportswear side. It offers flagship pieces that are inspired by the world of sport and can be worn both before, during and after sport. From now on, no more jogging that you hastily take off after your workout. Leggings, bras and trainers are now being taken out of the sports hall and displayed in the street. They are becoming sportswear as stylish as any other item in your wardrobe. The number of brands that offer colourful, casual and sporty-looking pieces in which you feel good is constantly increasing.

Sneakers, the emblem of this chic athletic fashion

The sneaker is undeniably the emblem of this wave of activewear and athleticism. From now on, trainers are no longer reserved only for sportsmen and women, as they are worn by all generations in all circumstances and social backgrounds. Trainers are truly a fashion phenomenon. They are the essential accessory for every shoe worthy of the name. For a very personal look that combines comfort and attitude, trainers are now a must-have. The trainer is also the emblem of a generation that really breaks the codes. Indeed, they can now be worn in all situations. Athleticism means wearing trainers with a suit, for example.
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