Men’s fashion trend: the Hawaiian shirt

A man with a shirt has more charm than many others. But everyone has their own style. Hearing "the word stylish" always leads to the trend. But is one Hawaiian shirt more trendy than another?

Hawaiian shirt : Qu├Ęsaco

The Hawaiian shirt is often considered a holiday or island shirt. Basically, a Hawaiian shirt is one of the typical men's clothing, which saw the sun between 1920 and 1930. A simple description shows short sleeves, a flared collar and most importantly, it is a shirt of Hawaiian origin, but which has rapidly spread to the American continent since 1980.

When to wear it?

Wearing Hawaiian shirts is ideal during good weather, rather than in winter. Just because you have to wear them in a casual style. That's a little why some people prefer to wear Hawaiian shirts during the holidays or during a good time spent with family and friends. However, it is already classified as a trendy moment to wear them on working days while marrying them with something classy to stay casual, cool, but keep the effect classy and stylish. For example, there are beige trousers, a white/beige Hawaiian shirt and a white jacket with beautiful beige moccasins. This gives a businessman effect who loves life and good things.

Men and the fashion trend

To date, the Hawaiian shirt has undergone a great evolution, appearing with new patterns large or small, but keeping the same lively style. It still has nice bright colours, light materials and gives a casual but classy style at the same time. To stay trendy and above all to highlight a beautiful Hawaiian shirt, whatever its colour, you have to know how to marry it with something clear like a chino, a pair of trousers or seven-eighths, white or simply plain. Sometimes for some people, the Hawaiian style of shirts gives the impression of being disguised or extravagant while it remains trendy. In this case, it is advisable to start with discreet, rather dark-coloured patterns. But to help you adapt, it is also advisable to wear them only in summer or when the weather is nice so that the desire for light colours is natural.
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