How to choose a men’s winter coat?

Choosing a men’s winter coat is no easy task. Often expensive, it is an investment in time, so don’t make any mistakes when buying. There are many things to consider when choosing your winter coat: style, material, cut and colour. Here are a few tips to help you choose your winter coat and keep your men’s buns warm.

How to choose your men’s winter coat?

When choosing your men’s winter coat, you should favour wool with ideal properties for fighting the cold. Long coats, such as overcoats, are perfect for formal, dressy looks. For more casual outfits, parka, duffle-coat or pea jacket will be perfect. Colour level, grey, navy blue and camel are the most common.

Choosing the material of your coat

As with all your clothes, the rule is simple: death to synthetics! You can still be a little less extremist and only kill the majority of them. As far as possible, just try not to have more than 20-30% synthetics in your winter coat or in your clothes in general.

Then you have the choice of natural materials such as cotton (not very suitable for winter) or wool, which has the most interesting thermal and insulating properties for winter. In addition, wool allows you to regulate your temperature, prevents excessive perspiration and odours. The only drawback is that wool is expensive, but I warned you at the beginning of the article that choosing a quality men’s coat is an investment.

Choosing your winter coat according to your style

If you have a formal, dressy style, you can go for overcoats. In this category of long coats, you have a choice. Crombie coat, chesterfield, ulster or raglan, the overcoats have a cut that really enhances the male figure. They can be worn with a suit or in chic casual looks.

If the winter is not cold but rainy, you can choose a rain coat. Gabardines such as the mackintosh or the trench coat, a military coat, are perfect against the rain and for their gale effect but will not protect you in low temperatures.

If you have a more relaxed look, you may already consider buying a parka! It is a very effective weapon against the cold as it combines a technical fabric with the softness and warmth of feathers or down. What’s more, the hooded parka is super practical in case of rain. You can also choose a duffle-coat but be aware that this type of coat is not suitable for wearing fitted. It is therefore not ideal if you want to show off your champion build.

The following two options are my favourites. To choose a men’s winter coat, you can focus your attention on the pea jacket. This coat in woollen cloth is a perfect piece for winter. It keeps warm and protects very well from the wind thanks to its double buttoning. In addition to the coat, you can also choose a woollen jacket or a leather jacket like those you can find at! Happiness, you can easily find bomber jackets or wool teddy jackets that will be a pleasure to keep warm in your casual phases. It has a very casual side due to its shape but also dressed thanks to the use of wool.

Choosing a coat adapted to your morphology

If you are small, like me, avoid overcoats that are too long and usually fall below the knees, which could compress your silhouette. Also, avoid duffle coats, as their wide cut will not look good on your little person. The little ones will therefore have the option of a pea jacket (which is lucky) as well as wool or leather jackets. Long jackets can remain an option, but then be careful, this one should not go beyond the mid-thigh. Also the long coat option requires a good fit and nickel shoulders! As trench coats now come in several lengths, you can also choose a short trench coat model if you feel like it.

Taller people will be luckier since they can usually wear it all. I just have a little reservation about the cabans and jackets if you are tall and thin. Wearing a short coat can make your legs look longer and taller.

Choosing the right colour for your winter coat

In terms of colour, navy blue, grey or camel are the most common colours. The first two are quite classic, camel allows you to go off the beaten track and also adapts very well to the streetwear style. If you choose trench-coat, you can also add khaki.

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