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Nowadays, working clothes are freer than ever: it all depends on the flexibility of the working environment. Because the idea of work is also moving from the rigidity of the company to the entrepreneurial spirit, the corporate dress code is following with a new aesthetic. You can now express your personality through your style of work clothing.

Add colour to your outfit

One of the most disheartening aspects of buying workwear is that the most appropriate choices for the office are often really irrelevant. This problem can be solved by choosing items in fun colours and patterns. Imagine knee-length pencil skirts, blouses with pretty details and tailored suits in pastel colours. A major aspect of modern workwear style is to add a pop colour to the clothes. While dark trousers are always useful, there is nothing wrong with taking off a pair of red, yellow or even millennium pink trousers. The wider the better: Loose cuts are fashionable - and for good reason. They breathe, they don't suffocate, they look good on everyone and that gives a boost of confidence. Choose brightness and pastel colours! A shiny garment, the colourful blazer, will never look childish, because it always has a formal look. It is the embodiment of professionalism and personality.

Should you wear a suit?

The key to workwear style is to keep your professional outfit while letting a little bit of your personal style shine through. That's where the fun lies. You can choose from a multitude of suit options, tight or loose fitting. The key to choosing a good suit is finding the right size - of course, but also the right colour. Because the suit itself is a strong statement, take it easy with the top down - a white T-shirt will do the trick and make the outfit slightly more casual. You can then complete your outfit with jewellery and sunglasses.

Choosing the shoes

Workwear style is a great opportunity to show off your shoes. If there's a particularly fashionable pair of trainers you're proud of, why not try them on in a neutral outfit, such as tailored trousers, a round collar and a blazer? Depending on your work environment, this is an easy thing to do. Other popular shoes that go well with the style of work clothes are moccasins, flat shoes with pointed toes and high-heeled pumps. With all this in mind, it will be easier to spice up your business casual outfits.
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