The best shops to suit your budget in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful city for shopping. From luxury boutiques to young designers' shops to vintage shops, you are undoubtedly in one of the most important, if not the most important, cities for commerce in Spain. Beyond this extraordinary variety of styles and shops, the very good news is that Barcelona is the city of discount shopping. The major Spanish brands do not hesitate - all year round - to offer discounts of up to 30% off prices abroad. So our advice is not to overload your suitcase on the outward journey. Women's fashion is particularly well represented, by the big brands, all of which have a shop in Barcelona, but also with young designers increasingly present. Men will easily find something to take home with their suitcases full, as will gourmets. Finally, we have created a dossier on interior design and decoration shops, as Barcelona is a city at the forefront of this field.

Useful information for shopping in Barcelona

Opening hours: Most shops, department shops and shopping centres are open non-stop from 10:00 to 20:30 or 21:30. Traditional shops have a slightly different timetable from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:30 to 20:30. Sales: Sales usually take place between the second week of January and the end of February for the winter season, and from 1 July to the end of August for the summer season. How to pay: normally in cash or by credit card, always presenting a passport or identity card. Tax Free: people living outside the European Union are entitled to a refund of value added tax (VAT) on purchases over €90.15. See also the list of all the shops in Barcelona in our directory of good addresses.

Fashionable: The latest shops in Barcelona

Every week we present new shops in Barcelona. Shops of very well known or brand new brands, but always with the idea of making your search and discovery easier. You can find absolutely everything in Barcelona: clothing, shoes, dresses, jewellery, accessories, creations, unique pieces, vintage, antiques, design, sport, beach, beauty, wellness... The idea here is to talk about shops that stand out, either by their originality or the quality of their products. Among the 2017 trends, the emphasis will be placed on outlets - those shops with low prices - and on new Spanish brands, brands that can only be found in Barcelona...

Shopping in Barcelona in 4 main sections!

It is clear that shopping is more feminine than masculine in Barcelona. But isn't it the same in every major city in the world? Nevertheless, men's fashion is not forgotten and men can find what they are looking for with sports shops, real craftsmen, young designers and a few concept shops dedicated to them. Lovers of design objects and decoration are not forgotten in the land of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. Don't forget either that department shops are the perfect shortcut for shopping, that you can find the biggest brands in one place, and that the products on display are the result of a careful selection of the best known, such as at El Corté Inglés, to name but the most famous of them all. Finally, Barcelona's markets are the most authentic way to do your shopping, have a drink or eat tapas... If some of them, such as the Boqueria Market, are a little too crowded, our selection offers you many others...

Women's shopping in Barcelona: Spanish brands

Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Custo, Desigual, Adolfo Dominguez are Spanish brands known all over the world. But there are many more to discover in Barcelona. Ese o ese, Código básico for example are two Barcelona brands perfect for the basics. Bimba & Lola, a brand present at the department shop Bulevard Rosa, is known for its jewellery and leather goods. The list of these brands is long and many of them are only present in Spain, so go and discover them as they offer very attractive prices all year round.
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