Ethical/fair shops in Paris where to go shopping

Since the creation of ethical and fair trade shops in France, mentalities have changed and this trade has developed considerably. In recent years, some specialist shops have been created in France to sell products from these businesses. From 2006 to 2014, the total turnover of labelled products sold by all the commercial players has more than doubled. To better recognise the products from these shops, labels have been created such as Fairtrade Max Havelaar, Bio Equitable Organic Fair Trade or Fair for Life. The fundamental basis of each one is respect and autonomy for producers, guaranteeing the rights of producers and workers, commitment to the development of international trade and respect for the environment. So if you want to contribute to these actions by buying ethical/fair trade products, here is a list of some ethical/fair trade shops to shop in Paris.


The idea of the Misericordia brand was born in 2003 in the slums of Lima, Peru, from the imagination of Aurélyen, the designer. Each product is made in the brand's own knitting factory in Lima, and each employee is treated with respect and recognition for their work. The main materials used for the design of Misericordia products are Pima cotton (one of the softest and most beautiful cottons in the world, but also very smooth and resistant) and alpaca (known especially for its softness, quality thermal insulation and durability). The garments here are high quality, ethical and contemporary. You will find ready-to-wear for men (knitwear, shirts, sports jackets, coats, trousers...) and for women (dresses, skirts, coats, trousers...) but also fashion accessories (hats, scarves), all in a style that is both chic and authentic.

Artisans of the World

Following the call of Abbé Pierre, the first Artisans du Monde boutique opened in Paris in 1974. It is THE forerunner of fair trade in France. Products are produced all over the world: Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania and the sales points are run by volunteers. Artisans du Monde is based on the values of solidarity and human rights. Thus, food and craft products are purchased from underprivileged producers' organisations, helping categories that are often discriminated against to gain access to a profession, to better social integration and to participate in the respect of biodiversity. You can find a very complete range of fair trade products: handicraft products (decoration, tableware, luggage, toys, candles...), sweet and savoury groceries (chocolates, teas, biscuits...), cosmetics (essential oils...), jewellery and much more.


The first Altermundi shop opened in Paris in 2003 at the request of Groupe SOS, a French organisation specialising in social action. At the beginning, it only offered fair trade products, but it has gradually developed to today offer products that also come from ethical trade. The products are produced all over the world: Africa, South America, Asia, Oceania and Europe, including France. Altermundi defends the fundamental values of respect for human beings and the environment. For example, it wants fair remuneration for producers and long-term partnerships to enable these small craftsmen to improve their living conditions in the long term. In addition, it uses ecological materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and other renewable materials. It offers a wide range of products to suit everyone: decoration (murals, stationery, candles...), table accessories (crockery, cooking accessories...), clothes and shoes (including Veja trainers) and much more.

Twins for Peace

The Twins for Peace project was born in 2009 at the instigation of twins and their childhood friend whose main motivation is to help those in need. All the shoes produced are made in a fair way and are handcrafted with quality materials from Europe. The exclusive ones are produced in Cameroon and others in India. The best thing about this brand is that for every pair purchased, a new pair of basketball shoes is offered to a child so that they can "live their youth to the fullest". In this way she has been able to offer shoes to children in Cameroon, Brazil and Mozambique, among others. The brand also donates money to associations helping children and developing education programmes. Thus, you will be able to buy women's, men's or children's ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, backpacks or trainers.

Oxfam France

Originally, Oxfam was created in England in 1942 to act against the famine caused by the English blockade against the Nazi occupation of Greece. It has subsequently spread to several countries including France since 1988. Oxfam campaigns for access to health care, development financing, climate change, the right to food, the protection of civilians, among others. All the products sold in Oxfam shops are second-hand products that have been donated to the organisation. The volunteers then offer them a second life because after sorting and listing them, the products are refurbished before being resold. In these bookshops you can find several types of products such as books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, accessories and decorative objects. With this almost new refurbishment at low prices, culture and fashion are within everyone's reach while acting in solidarity and fairness.
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