Men’s fashion: which ethical and responsible brands?

Ethical fashion is gaining new momentum. It is due to the pollution of its factory compared to that of the oil industry. To overcome this problem, various brands are being created through the creation of ethical clothing. Thus, the respect of the social and ecological environment. Find below all the essentials on this subject.

What is meant by ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion has different connotations. Namely: responsible fashion or sustainable fashion. Ethical fashion influences consumer protection with the defence of fast fashion. This trend complies with the 17 rules laid down by the United Nations. Entrepreneurs and designers have designed ethical and responsible brands in order to improve social and ecological conditions. They have also slowed down the consumption of products to better avoid their large-scale use. To do this, they will combine both preference and taste in the clothing sector. On the other hand, they take into account its impact on society.

How to determine the influence on the ethical trend?

When it comes to the style of men's clothing, ethical and responsible brands use natural, organic and recycled materials. As for natural and organic materials, a brand uses materials with environmental concerns in mind. At this stage, you have a wide choice of fabrics: organic cotton, cork leather, wool, tencel and pineapple leather. As an illustration, the Goudronblanc brand uses organic cotton in the design of its T-shirts. It is often the case that a brand uses recycled materials. These include recycled polyester. This is made from water bottles. Some use both recycled cotton and recycled wool. For example, the Hoopal brand favours recycled polyester.

What are the ethical fashion brands?

Men's clothing joins the ethical and responsible brands. They focus on the quality of the products manufactured while taking into account customer needs and social and environmental conditions. For example, for ethical body linens and accessories: the blackwood brand focuses on ecological materials such as cork leather. At the same time, the French briefs which highlight products specially made in France. Compared to ethical men's jeans and trousers, most of the workshop houses in France opt for handmade jeans. The Dao brand follows this path in its own jeans workshop.
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