Men’s shoes: how to choose?

As you all know, wearing shoes is not something you leave to chance. A dress code that is essential to understand if you want to be well seen and considered in society. Don't panic, we are certainly not going to be sectarian in this article! Whether you wear trainers, moccasins or shoes, you simply have to wear them well, adapt them to the circumstances and the outfit you associate with them! You can also check and learn more about how to wear men's shoes with class!

Each shoe has its own context!

A sign of social belonging as well as a real ally in everyday life, your pair of shoes will accompany you everywhere, from jogging to the office, from home to the restaurant. Having a cupboard full of shoes is a good thing, knowing how to choose them properly according to the outfit you're wearing is better! The first thing to take into account is the type of shoes. Derbies and richelieus for the office or appointments, boats and moccasins with your favourite jeans for a drink in town and a pair of boots for the weekend. Of course you can of course complete with a pair of runners to go running, move the mother-in-law or take a walk in the forest with the children. In these circumstances, no one will judge you on your choice of shoes, though!

Italian style

Once the model is chosen, comes the colour! With a pair of jeans, you will choose a colour that matches what you are wearing upstairs, but some trousers call for very specific colours. If you choose white trousers, with a fairly light coloured shirt, the Italian style will push you towards richer shades of brown. A common misconception perhaps, but also a colour scheme that works very, very well and won't go unnoticed the next time you go out for a drink in the city! Guaranteed effect!

The material

The last essential element before buying a pair of men's shoes is the material! Don't forget that to live well and serve you better, your feet need to breathe and ventilate. A leather shoe will give your feet a real breath of fresh air and avoid the smells and suffocating sensation you can get when it's hot. Cotton socks also help a lot on this side. It is also important to change your shoes regularly and never wear the same shoes on two days in a row. This already allows the shoes to rest, the odours not to permeate the fabric or leather and your feet to breathe better. The use of talcum powder or other products often stops perspiration, which is not really good for your skin. On the basketball side, many ultra breathable models exist for running, the disadvantage is just that they do not protect you from water. You'll have to choose carefully depending on the weather.

Trainers for sport

Then comes comfort, depending on what you want to do with it. Of course a pair of trainers will be immediately comfortable for the wearer. This will not necessarily be true in the long term as most trainers compress the feet, play on blood circulation and do not provide the stability necessary for a good back support. Wearing them regularly won't spoil your life of course, but you should avoid wearing them on a daily basis. You have all the keys in your hands (or feet) to choose your next men's shoes, so it's up to you!
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