Women’s winter coat : how to choose and wear it ?

Ladies, nothing’s wrong anymore. Winter will soon be here and we can feel it. Yes, winter is coming! Winter means long family meals but above all, it means a new coat! A good warm coat becomes a must. In fact, the coat is the winter piece par excellence: whether you opt for a streetwear parka or a business trench coat, the coat changes every year and is chosen with care.

Problem: you are lost in this flood of different shapes, colours, cuts, patterns and you are on the verge of sinking like Jack in Titanic… Don’t panic, we come to save you with our fashion canoe and we will be your beacon in the dark night!

But which coat to choose? To each morphology its coat. Right away, all our tips to help you find the coat of your dreams ! Here is a small selection of coats that will suit you perfectly without exploding your budget.

Which coat to choose?

As you can imagine, there is not just one type of coat. Indeed, the designers had the good idea to create coats for all tastes and colours, all cuts and all materials and right now, we present you our 5 fetish cuts!

The parka

Well, let’s be clear, the parka is the must-have of the coat.

First of all, we love it because it protects us from the cold: very generally lined with a good layer of foam, it keeps us warm against snow or rain and moreover, we stay stylish.

Secondly, it keeps us from gusts of wind. Indeed, the parka which has its origins in the military universe (we grant you, it has evolved a lot since then) is a fabulous windbreaker and that, we validate!

Finally, it is ultra trendy: every year, new models are born and every year, the parka is an essential to have!

The parka gives a little bit of sportwear: generally straight cut, it relaxes a too stilted look. When choosing your parka, pay attention to details: ties around the waist for a more feminine look, copper buttons, presence of fur…

Our little darling: the black fur parka. The black fur cuts off the too casual side of the parka. We adopt it with skinny leather trousers, rock boots and a big scarf, and that’s it!

The pea jacket

The pea jacket is the ultra-class version of the coat. Usually made of wool, the pea jacket is your ally to guarantee you a trendy look and to bring the chic side that was missing from your outfit. The pea jacket usually has a wide collar, a straight cut and large hip pockets.

Here too, the pea jacket is chosen for its details: baroque-style buttons, leather finishes, fur collar… The choice is yours! There are several lengths from the waist to the knees and several materials: wool, cashmere, synthetics… Visit iroparis.com/ for more about coats & jackets.

Our crush of the year is the camel pea jacket: we choose it rather long to avoid a too rocky side and we combine it with raw jeans, black leather boots and a satchel bag. Ultra trendy, it’s the coat to choose!

The down jacket

In the collective imagination, down jackets are either associated with the happy years when roller skates were in fashion and permanent wear too, or linked to the teenage girls of our time, who were born after the 2000s!

But make no mistake: the comforter has come back in force for us, proud and confident women! This year’s comforter comes in a multitude of colours, from fuchsia pink to navy blue. If you want our opinion, we recommend a cuddly toy in neutral tones: black or khaki, so as not to weigh down the silhouette.

You can choose it with a fur hood and adopt it with skinny jeans, which will enhance your gambettes.

The trench coat

The trench coat is the garment of the woman who proudly walks the pavements of the City, briefcase in hand and who is afraid of absolutely nothing. Trench coats are available in several cuts: straight, curved or wide and in a multitude of colours. If a few years ago we would have recommended a trench coat that sticks to your waist, things have changed.

Trench coats are now in fashion, and they’re flowing and let you breathe. If you want to be at the top of the trend, opt for a light, pastel colour: grey will be perfect! Combine it with black pumps, faded jeans and a little white top and you’ll be a knockout!

The cape

The cape is femininity par excellence. Beware, we are not talking about the Dumbledore’s cape that drags the dust and has seen the centuries go by! No, we’re talking about the cape that slips over you like a blanket, that lets your arms breathe because it has no sleeves and that makes you look good right away. We choose it rather long (basically, we don’t let it reveal our buttocks) and we dare the colour.

A look to tempt: a winter dress in black wool, combined with high-heeled boots and a red cape. The device that makes all the difference: the beret. You will have a sexy little frenchie look, we love it!

Which coat for your morphology?

The other essential is to adapt your coat to your figure. For that, and since we are so cool, we made you a little guide to match your coat to your morphology!

Which coat when you’re little?

When you’re little, the aim is not to pack your figure. That’s why you immediately abandon long or oversize coats, in which you would be drowned. So you prefer more curved and shorter cuts to look slimmer.

For example, a light parka that stops at the hips will be perfect to sublimate your silhouette, as long as it can be tightened at the waist! Also, don’t hesitate to use patterns: checks, flowers, stripes, have fun! Finally, you can vary the materials: why not an ultra trendy faux fur coat?

Which coat when you’re big?

Clearly, THE perfect coat for grown-ups is the straight and long coat. Indeed, you have big legs and a long coat will draw attention to your pretty gams.

So choose a rather long pea jacket or trench coat that will highlight your size. However, avoid the beginner’s mistake of opting for a coat that is very, or even too long, which would stop at your ankles. It could make you look like a long baguette, that’s all you should avoid. So, choose a length that doesn’t go lower than the knees!

Our favourite: the boyfriend coat, just a little too wide, which gives the impression that you’ve stolen it from your boyfriend and which is especially fashionable!

Which coat when you’re round?

The aim when you are round is to highlight your shape: you want to see your beautiful chest and your buttocks to be all rounded! To do this, opt for trapezoid shapes, i.e. more curved at the top and wider at the bottom.

The ideal coat for a plump woman is the cape: it camouflages your small curves, balances your silhouette and enhances your legs. It will keep you warm while being classy and very trendy. Little tip: go for dark colours such as black, fir green or navy blue.

Which coat when you’re thin?

When you’re thin, the aim is to bring volume where it’s lacking. To do this, avoid coats that are too close to the body, such as trench coats, which would only accentuate the slimness of the silhouette and give you a twig effect.

So go for wider cuts like a parka. We especially recommend the down jacket, which is very trendy this year and ideal for warming up and wrapping up on cold days. Don’t hesitate to opt for very colourful tones such as coral or purple for an English look and opt for patterns. Finally, textured materials are your allies: for example, coats with ruffles will give you relief!

Our darling for an X-shaped morphology: the parka jacket with a faux fur hood is ideal for keeping warm while being chic and trendy! Dare to use colours to give pep to your outfit and have a colourful winter!

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