How to wear a jeans shirt?

There are many different styles of jean shirts. It is possible to choose a raw, faded, light or even grey or black jean shirt. To wear it with as many outfits as possible, a blue jean shirt is recommended. To bring a little pep to your jeans shirt, you can choose a model with embroidery or pearls for example.

The different cuts of jean shirts

In addition to colour and wash, there are also different jean shirt cuts. The trend is towards oversize, which gives the impression of having borrowed boy’s clothes. You can therefore choose a jean shirt with a loose fit without hesitation. Wear it with the sleeves rolled up to structure the shirt and choose trousers close to the body to balance the volume of the outfit. Don’t forget the slim-fitted jean shirt. It can be worn with everything, a skirt as well as trousers. It will be perfect to mark the waist. The slim-fitted jean shirt can also be worn under dungarees. You can also choose a slightly longer jean shirt for a trendy casual loose-fitting effect. You can choose your jean shirt from the large IRO PARIS selection. Made from high quality products, you’re sure not to make any mistakes with it.

What look with a jean shirt?

There are an infinite number of looks to create with a jean shirt. It can be worn both during the day and in the evening, at work or for an outing with friends. Jean shirts can be combined in many different ways.

The jeans shirt for going to work

To go to work, you can opt for a jean shirt to go with classic black trousers or carrot trousers. Slim-fitted or oversized, you tuck the shirt into the trousers and let a pretty belt appear. For shoes, you can choose a pair of derbies or moccasins, or boots with heels. This type of look can be declined in many ways. For work, we simply keep in mind that it is best to opt for neutral pieces, combining basics. The jean shirt can also be matched with patterned trousers, houndstooth for example.

Jean shirt in the evening

To go out, you can combine your jean shirt with a leather or vinyl skirt. Jeans soften the rough side of leather. Trendy and trendy, these two materials form a winning duo. If you prefer to wear trousers, you can choose black jeans with your jean shirt and wear a leather perfecto over it. For shoes, you can choose pumps or strappy sandals with heels. You can accessorise it with a matching bag or pouch, or in a colour that enhances it.

If you prefer to match your jean shirt with prints, the floral print combines very well with jeans. In this case, choose more neutral devices. In terms of colour, you can dare to do anything with jeans: black, camel, red, khaki, white…

The total jeans look

While it can be scary, the total jeans look is a winning combo. To make it happen, choose jeans in similar tones to those of your shirt. Choose a high-waisted pair of jeans and pair them with camel-heeled boots. On the coat side, stay in neutral tones such as nude, grey or navy blue. The total jean look also works with a jean skirt. Choose a pencil skirt and tuck in your oversized jean shirt.

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