Pascale Monvoisin: gold jewellery sublimated by her inspiration

Most people think that jewellery is worn just to differentiate oneself from others, and that its value is limited just by its appearance. Pascale Monvoisin thinks differently. For her, jewellery reveals more value than many people know. But who is she really? What makes her works represent originality that no one has ever intended before? Before drawing a conclusion on the quality of her work, it is essential to show her personal history and the passion that brought her to this level.

The personality of Pascale Monvoisin

She comes from a small town in Andalusia. It was her entourage that awakened the artist in her, not to say that it was in her blood. From a grandfather with a passion for flamenco and a grandmother who was a seamstress, wherever she spent her childhood, she has come face to face with art. But what has marked her most is the light sound that her mother's jewels make. As an adult, Pascale Monvoisin explores museums and visits exhibitions in different parts of the world.  This woman was born to be an artist.

Pascale Monvoisin's know-how

Before becoming a professional jewellery designer, Pascale Monvoisin mastered many manual activities related to art, as if her heart burned with creativity and passion. For years, painting was one of her favourite pastimes. This does not prevent her from appreciating sculpture, carpentry and the creation of all kinds of handcrafted objects. One day she discovered the world of precious stones.  The desire to cut them in order to have a unique piece of jewellery was gradually born in her. This is how she became a renowned gem designer.

Pascale Monvoisin's strong points

She equates her way of making jewellery with painting. Thanks to her perspicacity, her works are created far from imperfection. According to her, the splendour of her works is formed from irregularity and asymmetry, making her works both original and admirable. She also tends to combine precious stones with other rather modest materials, such as shells or silk thread. Pascale Monvoisin creates her works out of love and passion. She once said: "my creations are talismans, a natural extension of oneself, a lucky charm".
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