How to choose a spring outfit?

Spring symbolizes renewal and rebirth. The weather warms up and revitalizes the plants, coloring the surrounding landscapes. Dress for the season, adding color to your wardrobe and bringing it back to life. As temperatures start to climb, start to move out of more airy rooms, in which you won’t get too hot.

Wear bright colors and patterns.

The colors and prints will add style to your outfit. Light colors bring a touch of cheerfulness, liveliness and freshness to spring outfits like those you can find at for instance. Spring summer IRO collection is a good example of this. Dark colors, on the other hand, are more reminiscent of winter. Forget black and navy blue and go for yellow, light blue or light green instead.

  • Pastels are a staple in spring fashion. Aqua green, lilac and pale yellow will add a pop of color to any outfit.
  • Imagine wearing the colors on a picnic or for a walk in a garden and ask yourself if these hues would match the landscape.

Stock up on neutral pieces

Spring is certainly color season, but you’ll still need plenty of neutral color pieces to pair them with your colorful clothes. Tops in neutral colors can be worn in any season anyway and you can therefore invest in beautiful pieces.

Neutral colors include beige, gray, navy blue, white, and brown.

For a springy and elegant look, go for white. You can dress

set with a small sweater and accessories or simply wear a basic and immaculate ensemble.

Overlap the pieces

Abrupt temperature changes are typical of spring. You must therefore be prepared to face the vagaries of nature. Always carry a sweater, a cardigan, a small jacket or leggings with you: you can always take them off if you are hot.

Prefer light materials. Temperatures are rising slowly, but surely and you will have to forget about thick winter clothes, for more comfortable pieces. If cotton is essential, you can also wear the following textiles:

  • tropical wool;
  • muslin;
  • flax ;
  • hemp.

Wear floral prints

In spring, flowers are always in fashion. When the flowers start to open, people like to see more of them. Dresses, T-shirts and even pants printed with big flowers are always on trend when Mars pops up, no matter where you live.

Strip lightly

As the weather gets milder, people tend to wear lighter outfits. Spring fashion tends to play on it, with off the shoulders, shorts and skirts, halternecks and necklines. This will not only keep you from getting too hot, but will also allow you to stand out on the street.

Prepare your rain gear

Spring is often the wettest and rainiest season of the year. Add to that the melting winter snows. Invest in an umbrella, have a light raincoat handy, and keep your rain boots by the front door. Even the prettiest spring outfit could be ruined by a surprise April downpour.

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