Gigi Clozeau jewellery: handmade pieces and beautiful materials

More than a simple family jewellery store, Gigi Closeau has selected the most beautiful materials to turn them into masterpieces. Imagined in the New York style, these jewels are a source of inspiration and show an incomparable authenticity.

Very authentic jewellery

Finding its home in France, the Gigi Clozeau brand is the pride of this country. The authenticity of her jewellery has been proven time and time again, as it is the result of hard manual labour. Located in the south of France, this family business uses only the finest materials to make the most beautiful jewellery sets. Their most beautiful works are made of 18-carat gold, a ribbon of diamonds and high-end resin. Moreover, the certificate of authenticity is an irrefutable proof of the irreproachable quality of their ornaments. What's more, their products are not made from industrialised materials, but are handcrafted. A manufacturing process that praises the level of excellence of this great jeweller. The only thing that could be reproached is the delicacy of their finery. It is therefore important to keep them away from creams, perfumes or lotions.

A large selection

Thanks to Gigi Clozeau's online guide, you will be able to find your way around the range of finery available on their sites. If your heart beats for bracelets, then you should know that standard sizes are available online. However, a pretty bracelet is worn in a very fitted way. Wristbands with adjustable rings are also available in their online shops. If you have fallen in love with their necklaces then their online collections will allow you to find what you are looking for in the 7 sizes available. Equipped with a tightening ring, these sets will allow you to adjust these jewels to your size.

A very good guarantee

What to do if the jewel deteriorates? It is exactly for the same reason that a one-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase. All manufacturing defects, breakage of the chain or colour change are covered by this warranty. After this period, a repair estimate will be drawn up for you in the event of damage. For jewellery purchased in the boutique, it is essential to contact the jeweller. In reality, the Gigi Clozeau boutique offers you unparalleled services in addition to a very authentic quality product.
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