Are you familiar with the trendy brand Golden Goose?

It cannot be denied that the Golden Goose brand intrigues and fascinates most people. Golden Goose changed the very first version of fashion by adopting a daring, vintage and worn-out style. This Italian brand introduced Golden Goose trainers into art and fashion. Whether we love trainers or not, those produced by this brand have charmed us with their unique and special style.

The Golden Goose brand

The Golden Goose brand, the work of the couple Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Galdo, was created in the year 2000. The two art enthusiasts create a refined, different and avant-garde world by combining American skateboard culture and Italian artisan traditions. Today, their trainers are classified as luxury trainers to the point of cracking the biggest celebrities. The term "Golden Goose" is an English word meaning "goose with golden eggs" in the literal sense. It is through this name that the Italian brand is considered unique with its refined and unique, precious and highly desirable pieces.

The Golden Goose trainers

All Golden Goose trainers are handcrafted in Italy in the brand's factories. Each pair is made from noble elements such as cotton, leather or Swarovski crystal. They are then patinated by hand to obtain a worn effect. It is the detail that makes the brand unique. Golden Goose trainers are usually worn on large shoes. It is therefore recommended that you choose half a size or a size smaller than your usual size. For example, if you wear size 37, you should choose a size 36.

A look with Golden Goose trainers

Golden Goose shoes can be worn in any season of the year and are perfect for any outfit. For a casual look from head to toe, you can pair them with jeans and casual clothing. They also go well with the most stylish and elegant outfits to create a contrast full of character. Golden Goose trainers can be worn without laces. In any case, if you lace your Golden Goose trainers, a classic cross lacing is recommended to make them match any look, whether dressed or casual. Afterwards, you can always choose the lacing you like according to your own style. With laces tied or untied, your ankles and feet will be comfortable inside the Golden Goose trainers.
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