9 tips for staying chic in the heat

During the hot summer months when the mercury in the thermometer flames up to 40 degrees, staying chic is a challenge. It's a challenge that will require a few tricks of the trade. These will make you look fresh and sparkling from head to toe.

3 ideas to keep you looking good

The sweat that goes with the heat tends to give a shiny effect to your complexion. The solution is to use a mattifying base. Prefer serums with a lighter texture instead of too thick creams which do not fix the make-up but on the contrary make it run. Also adopt the moisturizing mist, a practical little gadget to moisturize your face throughout the day. Finally, there are products that are easy to slip into your bag, specially designed to absorb excess fat and sweat. These include absorbent powders, wet wipes or blotting paper that can be applied like a mask.

3 useful tips for your hair

Since hair also needs moisture, it should be provided with the help of post-shampoo masks. Ideally, they should be worn overnight and then rinsed with cold water. Beware, despite the discomfort, washing hair too regularly will make it even more aggressive. As for the question, what to do when you go out, get into the habit of putting a little dry oil on your tips to prevent them from breaking. Braids and the timeless ponytail are hair styles that air out the nape of the neck. A small loose bun will also do the trick to clear the neck, adding a small scarf to suit your taste to stay chic in the heat. Put on a headband, this accessory that is making a big comeback is also recommended.

3 tips for your wardrobe

Combine comfort and elegance. Starting with the choice of materials, always choose a fluid and light fabric that won't stick to your skin. Synthetic materials will not be the most suitable. Instead, consider cotton, linen or silk. For the room you are wearing, basic clothes can range from a long dress to a long skirt, from summer trousers to overalls. Denim shorts can be accompanied by a pair of sandals or spartan shorts. Colours that are too dark like black will not be your allies against the sun. Lighter shades are more suitable: white, for example, is a timeless colour.
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